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As a designer I walk a fine line. On the one hand, I must listen to and positively respond to clients’ demands for the allegorical “Precious.” But on the other hand, I long to create meaningful products with which the consumer connects on a level beyond that of the bright facade of today’s corporate packaging. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen into the feverish thrall of consumerism, trying to find the Precious amongst all the wrappings and trappings at Target. And I say “trappings” with all the heartfelt enthusiasm of a mother whose three-year-old daughter recently proclaimed that “the Disney princesses” were “[her] life.” The Precious, in this form, is powerful. As consumers we are anesthetized to a product’s real true identity-often one-dimensional in its application, massproduced, and woefully unimaginative. The products have been reduced to literal shells – designed for shelf appeal and visual interest, but little else…

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Founded in 1996, M3 Design is a product development company located in Austin, Texas. M3 is a team of world-class designers and engineers that challenge convention to help their clients maximize business opportunities by creating exceptional products and experiences with them.

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