ICON Launches Vulcan II Robotic Construction Printer in Austin

Crowd at the Vulcan II launch event

A year ago, during the 2018 SxSW conference in Austin, a small startup built the first permitted 3D printed home in America behind their office. The device that made it possible, the Vulcan I printer, was the first step in ICON’s plans to change the future of homebuilding by dramatically reducing the time and cost to create habitable structures. They immediately began working on the next step, which would build larger structures even faster: the Vulcan II. Shortly thereafter, they engaged M3 to help make their vision a reality.

“M3 Design was an indispensable design and engineering partner on the Vulcan II project during a very pivotal time for ICON. We value their strategic work and partnership.”
-Jason Ballard, ICON Founder and CEO

The M3 team is proud to have helped ICON with the design and build of the first Vulcan II system, announced with great fanfare at their headquarters during the 2019 SxSW event. and even happier that we were able to attend the launch and see first-hand the response of the crowd when it was formally unveiled for the first time!

Sam, Tony, Bryan, Dave and the Vulcan II

Congratulations to the entire ICON team from the team at M3 Design!

The M3 Team at Icon headquarters


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