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Identafi Oral Cancer Screener Case Study

How does it work?

The Identafi uses fluorescence to help dentists save lives by recognizing and diagnosing oral cancers invisible to the naked eye.

Awards & Patents

  • MDEA Gold, 2012
  • Dentistry Today Top 100 Products, 2012
  • The Dental Advisor Editor's Choice, 2012
  • STRATEGY: M3 performed contextual user research to gain an in-depth understanding of current dental office work-flows, usability needs, and stakeholder identification. Key systems and constraints were documented, including sterilization requirements, UV protection, and power management. Direction for the product’s overall aesthetics was obtained from key stakeholders using a variety of tools designed to ensure the final product faithfully represented the brand promise.

    CONCEPT: A series of empathic bodystorming exercises helped the team determine the ergonomic and functional challenges posed by the device. A range of concepts were developed that allowed the user to toggle between light modes during an exam without removing the device from the patient’s mouth while maintaining ambidextrous operation. Potential power management and optical solutions were explored and evaluated in the M3 lab. Material alternatives that were appropriate to the usage environment, product aesthetics, and thermal management were identified.

    DEVELOPMENT: Extensive prototyping was performed to validate critical product design decisions, including optical management, thermal testing, and ergonomic evaluation. Different materials and grip features were tested to ensure maximum usability of the light selector ring while achieving the desired form. A set of complementary products were created, including a storage system and packaging designed for a superior out of box experience. The final design was implemented in CAD with extensive, technical, regulatory and DFX reviews and delivered to the supply chain for manufacture within 6 months of start.