370XA Gas Chromatograph

Rosemount Analytical, a proven leader in the Gas Chromatograph market serving both the natural gas and process industries, approached M3 to help evolve the design of the 370XA Gas Chromatograph. Gas chromatographs are used in an array of applications found in remote areas and harsh climates, and in critical facilities and locations such as natural gas pipelines, gas processing plants, refineries, and power plants. To make the analyzer easier to install and maintain, M3 incorporated a number of user-friendly features. Slots for screwdrivers give the user increased leverage when removing the top and side caps to access the oven and card assemblies. The user interface is recessed and angled into the single piece housing to provide the optimal viewing angle and keep this important area protected. These features are packaged into an elegant and robust form that represents the reliability that Emerson’s reputation is built upon.