5700 HFES Coriolis Transmitter

Emerson, a leader in precision flow technology partnered with M3 to improve the design and usability of their new 5700 Coriolis flow-sensing transmitter and it’s components. All of the internal and external components in the system were considered, studied, and explored together to create a relevant, consistent, and powerful design language. Every element of information that is presented to the end-user was organized and prioritized to enhance navigation and interaction. Features like side access wiring channels and service port compartments were optimized for visibility and access. Fasteners were standardized to minimize the number of tools required to service the products. The mounting bracket was designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind, to accommodate all of the different wall & pipe mounting configurations. These easy access features and process optimization allows faster installations, service and maintenance. The 5700 transmitter and it’s components deliver the best in measurement technology in a user centered design solution.