Core HDX™ Gaming Cabinet

Everi partnered with M3 to develop their next generation standard gaming cabinet, the Core HDX™ .Together M3 and Everi observed player interactions and explored market opportunities to create a fun, exciting, and memorable gaming experience. M3 and Everi considered a variety of features to enhance player interaction starting from the moment players walk onto the casino floor to decide which machine to play. The overhead lights project beyond the cabinet’s real estate, enticing players as they walk by and then enhancing their “big win” celebrations. The main circle lights that are recognized from Everi’s premium cabinet designs, in conjunction with the diffused light bars, also add a level of dynamism that helps elevate the themed content. Overall the stimulating lighting features allowed Everi to customize the “stage” (cabinet) to create a different ambience for each one of their many games. Everi is proud to provide this unique gaming experience and to be the first in the industry to introduce overhead game controlled lighting.