Everi Empire


Empire Gaming Platform

Services – Strategy / Brand Identity / Industrial Design

Everi, the casino’s industry’s only payment kiosk provider had recently acquired Multimedia Games, a leading manufacturer of slot machines in both Native American casinos and commercial casinos. This project was to define the new Everi games brand DNA, and to further their leadership in commercial casinos.

Working closely with Everi a new premium cabinet (Empire MPX), for licensed themed games was designed. The Empire MPX set out to solve numerous problems. 1) Enable Everi to update their product line more efficiently than they had done historically. 2) Allow casino operators more flexibility on the casino floor. 3) Create a dynamic and immersive experience for the players.

Everi Empire
everi empire

Everi’s close collaboration and commitment to the value of upfront stakeholder research enabled us to help them create such a game changing cabinet platform.

Nathan Careless
Director, Industrial Design – M3 Design

The Empire MPX’s visual presence is defined by a powerful brand DNA that is modern, simple, and innovative. This new design language will help speed development programs, reduce implementation cost, create product tiering and maintain consistency across multiple product lines. It allows casino coordinators to create new sub- environments, and most importantly it enables them to pack in more cabinets than ever before. The dynamic lighting strategy and platform approach allows developers to tailor the machine interaction to an endless amount of themed games. It is these flexible, and scalable elements that make the Empire MPX one of the most distinguishable cabinets on the casino floor.

Everi Empire