FlashRay SSD Storage Solution

NetApp engaged M3 to create a product differentiation strategy for an industry first all-SSD storage product built from the ground up to add the extreme high performance of SSD storage technology to NetApp’s core storage efficiency, data protection, and data management values. NetApp’s overriding goal was to position the FlashRay system as a higher-end solution when compared to existing products and solutions. M3 performed an extensive investigation and analysis of color, material and finish (CMF) which informed the exploration and prototyping processes used to provide NetApp with a broad range of possible directions to choose from. Working closely with key NetApp stakeholders- while maintaining the integrity of the M3 co-developed NetApp corporate design language, the team rigorously prototyped, evaluated and delivered a CMF and product branding strategy for the FlashRay product. The result is the visually distinctive NetApp FlashRay system; optimally positioned for success in the highly competitive SAN marketplace.