M1 Holographic Imager

Zebra Imaging was founded by a team from the MIT Media Labs to commercialize a holography technology capable of creating unprecedented large form-factor, high resolution 3D images. This technology allows the viewer to evaluate an accurate 3D depiction of an environment from all angles. After successfully creating holograms in a lab dark room, they challenged M3 to develop a standalone device to “print” their holograms – in less than 6 months of development time. The most challenging part of the M1 Imager development was the unique optics required to create the holograms. In order to develop the optics quickly, M3 Design teamed with Zebra Imaging optical engineers, who designed the optical path and elements while M3 Design developed the custom optics mounts and overall packaging in parallel. The M1 Imager design not only met the size and time-line goals, it also “printed” the holograms in hours instead of days with much more reliable and repeatable results.