Personal Internet Communicator

The Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) was developed as a part of AMD’s 50×15 plan, with the goal of providing Internet connectivity to half of the world’s population by the year 2015. M3’s solution is a simple, self-contained device designed for first-time technology consumers who have limited access to, or experience with, the Internet. The device’s ports are easily accessible and intuitive, making set-up for first time users quick and easy. In addition, the PIC is designed to be physically rugged, impermeable to dust and resistant to viruses and malware that target PCs. The PIC’s snap-fit assembly and minimal use of parts enables it to be locally manufactured and assembled in the regions where the product is used, dramatically reducing transportation costs. The design of the PIC offers a template for the PC industry to use to mitigate a variety of environmental, production, and design challenges.