Premium Virtual Fence System

Pet fence products carry a negative connotation that masks the true benefit of making a pet’s life safer. Petsafe wanted to change this perception while accelerating their profit growth. M3 Design was tapped to create the product strategy that would meet these goals. M3 began by evaluating Petsafe’s existing products and determined that making the product appear friendly and intuitive to pet owners would drive higher sales and encourage use. The main design goal was to provide not only a premium feel, but also a softer, more secure look for the product. The resulting oval border shape on all collars, remote controllers, and wall mount systems was designed to symbolize containment and protection while prominently displaying the Petsafe brand. Once the design was in place, M3 also assisted with bringing an improved supply chain on line to deliver the final product line. The result was a 40% increase in PetSafe’s sales after the introduction of the Comfort Fit Deluxe.