Design Journal

Our Design Journal is a collection of informational editorials crafted by the minds of our team. We offer a back-stage pass to the product development world by exposing tough challenges, highlighting best practices, and offering strategic advice– all through the lens of our collective experience.

Three Steps Toward Team Alignment

It takes a team of people to implement an idea and get it to market. But how do we get a team of individuals to work as one? How do we get a team of people to all build the same cup? Read on…

Phygital Reality: The next tech battleground

Over the past decade, the steady maturation of the consumer technology space has forged fierce competitions between the biggest players in the industry. The collective result has redefined how we work, play, communicate, interact, engage, and most recently, how we perceive the world around us. In this article, we take a closer look at the forthcoming convergence of our physical and digital future.

Competitive Collaboration

The execution of product development is incredibly difficult. Most companies, including design firms, fail miserably. Truth be told, most product development processes are theoretically identical. Which begs the question: What makes some design firms (like the ones I specifically mentioned above) so much more successful than others? At M3 Design, we believe that it is specifically dependent on execution

Creativity in Commerce

How important is creativity to commerce?
How do you translate ideas from mind to market?
How do you balance investment and innovation?
How is the maker movement changing product design?
I recently participated in a great panel discussion that explored some of these questions as part of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce’s Creativity and Commerce event. The topics and insights we discussed were quite illuminating—and extremely important to explore, in my opinion.

Life Hacking vs. Design Thinking

Life hackers and designers are more alike than you may realize. In this article, Jayson takes us through the differences and similarities in how life hackers and designers view the world and how their skills, experience, and perspectives help them solve some of the most difficult challenges.

5 Product Development Lessons from Smoking BBQ

I’ve cooked some terrible food in my day. But I’ve also made some pretty damn good food (as far as I’m concerned). And recently, while enjoying one such meal, I got thinking about the many things that cooking and product development have in common.

7 Keys to Successful Product Development, Part III

In part 2 of this series, we began looking at the first few items on our list of 7 characteristics that define good product-development (PD) programs with excellent results.
Not surprisingly, some clients profit more than others.
Let’s look at the final 4 characteristics of rock-star clients we’ve worked with.

Designing Backwards Isn’t Backwards Design

What if I put a big pile of components in front of you,
and your task was to design a product using only
those items? Could you do it? Probably. And there’s
no telling what might come out of it…

Automagic: Implications of the Automation Lifestyle

Gadgets with connected technologies that can predict human behavior and adapt to our preferences automatically aren’t going away anytime soon. Just think about that for a minute. What does this mean to your life today? And what will it mean to your life tomorrow, when all of these technologies finally go mainstream?