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Product Development

From blank sheet of paper to manufacturing handoff and everything in between. Product development has been at the core of M3’s business since inception. From consumer products, to IoT, to robotics, our team ensures that our clients get solutions that are designed and engineered to be both elegant and feasible. We want the products we work on to make it to market, for them to be produced and used as intended, and for you and your customers to be delighted with the results.

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Wireless Pet Health Monitor

Noise Aware

IOT Noise Monitor Sensor

Innovation Road
Mapping & Planning

Having a great growth strategy year over year means laying groundwork that is future looking, present acting, and aligns with your business goals. Clients we work with in this capacity see innovation and new product development as a strategic piece to their growth strategy.

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CORE 2 and Sonopet iQ Consoles

Carnegie Technologies


Medical Device

The demands and rigor associated with designing devices for the healthcare market are unique and critical. Designing products in this space that improve the future of healthcare is both a passion and a focus of ours.

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Bone Mill


Aries Molecular Diagnostics Platform

Technical Problem

Are you simply stuck on a highly constrained technical problem, and you don’t have the knowhow or bandwidth to solve it? Many of our clients call on our team to get them unstuck.

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OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Desktop PC


Vision X Network Packet Broker

Experience Design

Experience design elevates the importance of zooming out, and considering the entire environment, system or workflow you are designing for. From re-envisioning the workflow of an operating room, to elevating the customer journey from booking app, to retail experience, we help our clients identify and design the touchpoints that create simple, intuitive experiences.

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Home Run Dugout

Virtual Batting Bay Experience

Blue Goji

Infinity VR Treadmill

Design Language
Creation &

We’ve helped fortune 500s with hundreds of products in their portfolio, to startups launching their first product create and implement design languages. A well informed design language brings consistency across product lines that have helped our customers increase brand equity, reduce use errors, save money, and increase speed to market.

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Design Language


Design Language

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