Designing a Satellite Hotspot That's Ready for Adventure

The Story

Presenting Technology in a way that is genuinely useful… when you need it most.

Having designed the first and only solution that allowed users to call and text from remote locations, while retaining their current mobile phone numbers, Carnegie Technologies was looking to improve the product design and capabilities.

"The M3 team was just fantastic in providing design leadership and ongoing counsel during the development of our industry-leading satellite hotspot product. " Matt Hovis Chief Creative Officer
The Details

Concept Architecture

M3 explored numerous concepts to address key functional aspects of the design - compact packaging and handles for easy transport, a hinged antenna to ensure accurate positioning, and a hotspot module that can be removed from the antenna frame for convenient placement.

Refining the details

Our team's focus was to help devide the elements of user experience and resolve the fine details from the moment the device is removed from the box to day to day use.

Meeting User Needs

The design team continued to strive towards meeting user needs from a performance level as well as a target size that would be efficient enough to fit in an average-sized backpack. In this case, volume models were created to represent the proposed antenna size that was driving the overall enclosure footprint.

An Eye for a Brand

M3 recognized the potential to elevate the Satbridge platform by capitalizing on the Carnegie Technologies blue and establishing an iconic and approachable design language that is sure to get someone’s attention.

User Experience

The first time the user sees the product is when opening the box. Our team wanted to ensure that the user had the best unboxing experience that exposes the product details from the user’s priority of wanting to see the device in action. Our concept of user experience is quickly detailed through a simple animation. 

"The entire process was smooth, professional and even fun – and resulted in a tremendously successful product launch that generated rave reviews for its industrial design. "

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