The Desktop Computer You Don't Expect

The Story

Disrupting desktop computing with a innovative solution that’s hidden in plain sight.

Dell approached M3 with the challenge of helping them reinvent the commercial desktop computing space. Through close collaboration and a strategic mindset the Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra was born. This super compact, highly modular and upgradable compute module slides into the back of a purpose designed Dell monitor stand making it invisible to the user. The design provides additional security and reduces visual clutter with its fully integrated cable management solution. It also enables customers to freely select and replace their monitor without affecting the compute module creating a solution that surpasses today’s all-in-one computers.

"Thirty-five years ago, Dell disrupted the way PCs were made and delivered to the world. With the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, we are changing the category again, with an innovative desktop solution that’s hidden in plain sight." Dave Lincoln Vice President of Fixed Computing
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The Details

The compute module

The key to success was designing and engineering a highly efficient and streamlined form factor for the compute module that would allow it to be located invisibly inside a custom designed Dell monitor riser. Through endless architecture iterations, thermal analysis investigations, and numerous stakeholder feedback loops we achieved the impossible.

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The Details

The System

The long, slender compute module slides into the back of the custom designed monitor stand, creating the first all-in-one that’s modular and upgradable. Its design de-clutters open-office work spaces and provides great security advantages enabling the compute module to be securely locked in the riser and mitigate the ability to disconnect accessories from the concealed ports. Customers also have freedom to select the monitor of their choice, unlike other all-in-one's.

The Process Steps

Of the many steps involved in creating an industry breakthrough product, some of the most important are defining the strategy that will lead to an innovative configuration and exceptional user experience, collaborating closely with key stakeholders to leave no stone is unturned through development, and an attention to detail to ensure the concept lives up to its promise in execution.

Configuration Definition

Outlining a platform strategy that would enable the compute module to not only reside in a riser, but also be versatile enough to power further products in alternative configurations.

Close Multi-Disciplined Team Collaboration

Working closely with both internal and external stakeholders proved pivotal in bringing innovative thinking to life.

Attention to Detail

Scrutinizing every last detail and surface transition to ensure design intent was never compromised was a key component of our process. Challenging every last millimeter was imperative in creating a totally concealed and unique solution.

The new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is no ordinary business computer, nor is it like any mini PC we've seen before. It could be the future of all-in-one PCs.


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