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The Latest from M3

September 21, 2018

  • Having an open and direct communication — exchanging both good and non-so-good feedback or comments freely — with the M3 team is a key success factor of our very productive relationship!

    Coleman Fung
    CEO & Co-Founder - Blue Goji

  • M3 really invests in the people they have. They are supported, they are given the tools they need. They are treated like family.

    Patrick Lee
    Vice President, Research & Development - GI Supply

  • M3 helped us create a design language strategy and guidelines that are now adopted across our $10 billion organization. Our customers will be able to see that our large portfolio of products and solutions are from one company.

    Jane Lansing
    Vice President, Marketing - Emerson

  • The award winning Mill is a testament to the partnership between M3 Design and Stryker. Great people working together deliver great results!

    Mickey Noonan
    Vice President, Global Product Excellence - Stryker

  • When we need specialized help to do something innovative, we call M3. And they deliver.

    John Morris
    Director of Engineering, UX and Innovation - Dover Fueling Solutions

  • Your team literally helped us change our industry and we couldn’t have done it without you.

    Arlyn Miller
    Director, Hardware and Support Services - Emerson

  • M3 Design was integral in helping us achieve our brand goals of safe, simple and high-quality products. Additionally, we reduced our development time by two-thirds. M3 unquestionably helped position our product line for success.

    Doug Grindstaff
    Vice President of Brands and New Product Development - PetSafe

At M3, we're constantly investigating new technologies and improving our product development processes and techniques so we can be even more effective and efficient for our clients. Below are some links to just a small sample of what we're up to at the moment!

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