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The Latest from M3

August 21, 2018

  • Having an open and direct communication — exchanging both good and non-so-good feedback or comments freely — with the M3 team is a key success factor of our very productive relationship!

    Coleman Fung
    CEO & Co-Founder - Blue Goji

  • M3 really invests in the people they have. They are supported, they are given the tools they need. They are treated like family.

    Patrick Lee
    Vice President, Research & Development - GI Supply

  • M3 helped us create a design language strategy and guidelines that are now adopted across our $10 billion organization. Our customers will be able to see that our large portfolio of products and solutions are from one company.

    Jane Lansing
    Vice President, Marketing - Emerson

  • The award winning Mill is a testament to the partnership between M3 Design and Stryker. Great people working together deliver great results!

    Mickey Noonan
    Vice President, Global Product Excellence - Stryker

  • When we need specialized help to do something innovative, we call M3. And they deliver.

    John Morris
    Director of Engineering, UX and Innovation - Dover Fueling Solutions

  • Your team literally helped us change our industry and we couldn’t have done it without you.

    Arlyn Miller
    Director, Hardware and Support Services - Emerson

  • M3 Design was integral in helping us achieve our brand goals of safe, simple and high-quality products. Additionally, we reduced our development time by two-thirds. M3 unquestionably helped position our product line for success.

    Doug Grindstaff
    Vice President of Brands and New Product Development - PetSafe

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