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Enhancing the Teleconferencing Experience

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The Story

Enhancing an ecosystem

Sometimes rooms present unique challenges. Sometimes users want more control over how and where to equip their video conference setup. M3 and Poly partnered on the design and development of the Poly G7500 table microphone. This microphone was to be part of a modular system for video conferencing which Poly was already in the process of developing. The table microphone needed to capture the essence of an evolving Poly design language and to marry with a Codec and Camera system that were both already designed.  Poly teamed with M3 to bring the microphone to life and fulfill their strategic road-mapping needs.

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The Details

Enhancing the experience through technology

Since the majority of conference control takes place via the remote control and auxiliary screen, the primary function of the table microphone is muting or unmuting during the meeting. To elevate this simple interaction, the unit features a capacitive touch zone at the center of the three lobes with a surrounding light feature to indicate status.

A key feature of the microphone is the NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence that Poly developed to keep audio distractions, such as background noise and side conversations, to a minimum. Each lobe has its own audio fence enabling sound to be directed and controlled within the conference environment.

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The Details

Engineering every last detail

Small but powerful, the G7500 table microphone and its smooth, floating top create an understated icon in any conference room. To achieve this modern and clean aesthetic within a tight volume, the Poly and M3 engineers had to work in extremely close collaboration. Extensive effort was expended to achieve an even lighting effect through the seamless top surface. Microphone positioning, thermal venting, and connector layout were carefully considered to maintain the high-quality audio expected of all Poly products.

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poly micpod with eagle eye camera and remote

Building on a strong foundation

Leveraging Poly's expertise in the high-performance audio space, M3 used insights from previous projects to understand cost-drivers and functional do's and don'ts.

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Branching Out

In an effort to differentiate the video and content sharing system from the teleconferencing products, unique but referential table microphone form factors were explored before landing on the flat tri-lobe design.

engineers working on micpod design

Component Packaging

Once internal component volumes and keep-out areas were established, numerous designs were evaluated and refined before landing on the final, preferred solution.

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See the Light

If one aspect of the experience is imperfect, the entire experience suffers. Devising a well-executed lighting strategy was essential to the success of the microphone.

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