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The New Standard in Desktop Phones

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The Story

Dial up productivity

Fresh off of a revamp of their entry-level desk phones, Poly identified the need to elevate their top-tier offerings. In order to maintain their position at the top of an ultra-competitive market, it was vital to maintain cost targets without sacrificing a premium experience. Poly also wanted to offer an array of configurations, allowing users to customize the phone based on their needs. A modular approach enabled the system to achieve all of these goals. Poly approached M3 to bring clarity to a complex system and combine all of these elements into their new CCX line.

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The Details

Modular Platform

The CCX modular platform is adaptable to the needs of many different users. It all starts with the screen – color touchscreens enable quick navigation through menus and a clear view of call participants during video conferencing. With two sizes available, users can select the model that best meets their needs. Customers can also choose whether or not to have a traditional handset versus a headset for hands-free use. The modular nature of the system also offers the possibility of future expansion elements.

modularity sub modules
2 poly ccx phone versions
video conferencing with a poly ccx

The Process Steps

From whiteboarding to final CAD every step is important in creating an innovative solution. Collaborating closely with key stakeholders provide insights that may have been overlooked through development. Attention to detail ensures a polished final product.

sketching poly ccx concepts

Exploring Internal Architectures

Starting from the ground up, M3 tested different architectures that minimized footprint while maximizing flexibility.

sketching session

Close Collaboration

M3 held frequent reviews with the Poly team utilizing their existing video conferencing systems. This allowed us to put ourselves in the user’s shoes as we designed the next generation.

evaluating volume models

Refining the form

Mockups were created to evaluate overall scale on the desk surface and test compatibility between components.

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