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Innovation Road Mapping & Planning

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Innovation Road Mapping & Planning

If you want a great growth strategy, you need a future looking, present acting system that drives and aligns your business goals. We work with clients who understand that innovation and new product development are strategic components of their growth and profitability.

M3 teams up with our clients to identify product and experience opportunities that address their customer and stakeholder needs and desires. We brainstorm potential opportunities, test assumptions, and prescribe the product development plans that deliver on those opportunities.

We start the innovation road mapping process with an audit of our clients’ current business, future objectives, and product roadmap plans. We follow that with an information transfer workshop with your key stakeholders before we immerse ourselves in your markets. Our research plans are always tailored to your needs, no “one size fits all” approach here. A project scope can range from global field research that spans months to lean research techniques that might take days. We use a variety of research tools appropriate to your needs like stakeholder interviews, technology audits, competitive analysis, surveys, and in-person ethnographic research.

Once we’re done gathering the research data, we evaluate it and deliver results tailored to your business goals. We can provide development plans with realistic cost and schedule for a single product or a strategic multi-product, multi-market roadmap that covers the next 5-10 years. We can also provide a range of concept mock-ups and prototypes you can use to demonstrate solutions along with their costs and risks, craft “vision presentations” to help illustrate and communicate our recommendations, and help you socialize them with your key stakeholders.

  • Innovation Workshops
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Trend Analysis
  • Vision Deck Creation
  • User Needs Definition
  • Concept Development
  • Concept Validation
  • Costing and Timing Estimates
  • Technology Audit
  • Intellectual Property Brainstorms
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Reviewing concepts with Dell engineers
working on the product journey mapping process
sample workflow diagram
operating room map of surgery type vs duration and ambient temperature
sample product roadmap
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Our clients regularly tap our team to help figure out "what’s next” and how to turn that vision into reality.

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