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Design Language Creation & Implementation

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Design Language Creation & Implementation

A design language should be more than just skin-deep. It should articulate your brand’s DNA through consistent visual elements, touchpoints, and user experiences. A design language should also streamline future development efforts by reducing time to market. When properly executed, everything your customers need to know about you can be extracted from the consistent interactions they have with your products and services. This creates a powerful relationship with the brand.

The M3 team has decades of experience successfully crafting and implementing design languages for numerous clients in a variety of industries. We have dialed-in a multi-phased approach that extracts our clients’ core values before we put pen to page. We spend time getting to know our clients by objectively evaluating their product portfolio, product roadmap, brand, and competitive landscape.

Then, we build products and experiences that communicate your values to your customers. Our process is flexible enough to accommodate large or small portfolios, and can extend to software and packaging to create holistic experiences. The output of design language programs typically include a combination of documented guidelines, initial application to a select number of “hero” products, along with training and communication tools to help socialize the guidelines within our client’s internal team.

M3’s goal is to set our clients up for long-term success.

  • Brand / Product Audit
  • UI / UX Application
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Engineering Feasibility
  • Design Language and Guidelines
  • Application of Design Language to Products
  • Implementation Training
  • Complex Surface Modeling
  • Visual / Verbal Brand Language
  • Trend Research
  • Color/Material/Finish (CMF) specification
  • Product Packaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Application of Design Language
  • Marketing Support
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Whether you are a Fortune 500 with hundreds of products in your portfolio or an early stage startup, our process brings consistency across product lines. We have helped clients like you to increase brand equity, reduce use errors, save money, and increase speed to market

M3 helped us create a design language strategy and guidelines that are now adopted across our $11 billion organization. Our customers will be able to see that our large portfolio of products and solutions are from one company.

Jane Lansing VP Marketing

Emerson Design Language

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