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A paradigm shift in industrial controls

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Updating an industry stalwart for the next generation

Emerson developed a technology that would reduce the number of wiring connections in large process management installations by half. The benefits to their customers were potentially huge, but the state of the market was extremely conservative and risk-averse. This new technology also had to contend with a transitional period where critical knowledge was being lost between the aging workforce and their inexperienced replacements. Emerson engaged M3 to uncover and deliver a solution for the next generation of the DeltaV system that would address these challenges so that the benefits of this new technology would be embraced by their customers.

Emerson DeltaV
The Details

Design Language Foundation

The design showcases the DeltaV’s functional improvements by communicating the attributes of reliability, simplicity, and ease of use which reinforces Emerson’s position as a market leader. The aesthetic strategy served as the foundation for future Design Language efforts.

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deltav s-series

Applying stakeholder-centered design principles

In order to increase revenue and maximize plant uptime for Emerson’s customers, M3 needed to understand how the new system architecture impacts overall usability.

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Field Research

M3 began by performing extensive stakeholder interviews and field research to uncover insights and recommendations for the new customer experience. From this data, a product life-cycle matrix was created to ensure that key product interactions were clearly identified.

Installing DeltaV System

Creating Compelling Solutions

The user experience is designed to ensure product acceptance through superior usability and strengthen Emerson’s brand recognition.

"Your team literally helped us change our industry and we couldn’t have done it without you." Arlyn Miller Director, Hardware and Support Services
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