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Experience Design

To stand out from the competition, every product, service, or system you create needs to deliver an exceptional experience.. If you continually exceed your customer’s expectations, you will drive emotional and attitudinal engagement that ensures brand ambassadors are born. The key to any great experience is treating all human interactions with the same level of thought and dedication to gain, retain, and continually grow your customer base.

The M3 team specializes in combining physical and digital experiences seamlessly.We excel in small-scale product ecosystems (product, mobile app, out-of-box packaging, etc.) as well as large, immersive environments and systems that need focus on spatial awareness, complex user interactions, and foot-traffic patterns. Our philosophy is always to ensure we zoom out and consider the entire system of parts or workflow you are designing for. From re-envisioning the workflow of an operating room, to elevating the customer journey off a booking app, we help our clients identify and design the touchpoints that create intuitive experiences in memorable and emotionally engaging ways.

If you can think through your company’s customer facing components in a holistic manner and treat them with an equal level of care and attention, then you’re one big step closer to greater brand adoption and business success.

  • Journey and Workflow Mapping
  • Persona Development
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Technology Integration
  • Digital Interface Wire Framing
  • Vision Decks
  • Experience Strategy
  • Mock-ups
  • Digital Interface Prototypes
  • UI / UX Application
Noiseaware UI concepts
fuel dispenser display prototype
homerun dugout schematic drawing
UI/UX concepts
everi concept presentation
Voyce pet monitoring system
hand holding a smartphone
UI example on a smartphone

In an era when customer experience is key, M3 has the know how to make certain your customers are delighted with the products, services, and systems you provide.

The final environment looks identical to the renders…We love it.

The Home Run Dugout Team

Home Run Dugout

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