Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Teardown

It slices, it dices, it chops, and it blends! In fact, there are few cooking preparation tasks a food processor can’t handle these days. They’ve evolved to meet a growing demand for versatility in the kitchen and, by simply changing the blades and pressing a button, one can go from julienning carrots to kneading dough to pureeing peanuts in a matter of minutes.

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor (BFP800XL) operates in a messy environment, so the team thought there might be some interesting sealing designs or fluid management concepts within the enclosure.

The team wanted to answer two questions:

  • How are the internal mechanisms protected from food, water, and debris?
  • How is the enclosure manufactured to promote high-end quality but also remain cost-effective?

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