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M3 Engineers at Austin Women in Engineering Panel

Diversity in the engineering field has been, frankly, a challenge. All you need to do is take a look at the staff of most companies that are involved with product development to see the evidence. Two of our engineers, Lauren West and Heather Benoit, are doing something about it.

Wayne Technology Summit

M3 participated in the 2017 Wayne Technology Summit. Learn more, and check out the video…

The Best (and Worst) of CES 2017

CES! We geek out over this event every year, and 2017 was no exception. From fishing drones to smarter toys, thoughtful innovations for busy parents to developments in AI, EV, and all our other favorite acronyms, we’re still talking about the best of it—and the notably lackluster. Step inside to see what we found…

20 Years and Counting…

With 20 years of experience crafting & executing product development strategies, we’ve become known for solving complex product-design challenges with clarity and speed. Sounds like good reason for a celebration..