Articles by M3 Design

Designing Inside/Out

As a designer I walk a fine line. On the one hand, I must listen to and positively respond to clients’ demands for the allegorical “Precious.” But on the other hand, I long to create meaningful products with which the …

Eco-Design Story

Bling is King and Eco-Style everything at BP’s new emissions-free gas station. Azure magazine, fine purveyors of all things related to Design, Architecture and Art feature M3’s work in their August 2007 issue. view the pdf >

Sustainability Concept

M3 Design’s entry in an International Design competition sponsored by Muji. To answer their challenge to reinvent an everyday, the M3 Design team: Reversed the relationship of a compact florescent light bulb to its packaging Reversed the consumers interaction with …

Design for Functionality

M3 designers Mike Hankins and Paul Kramer are shown in the field with a new seismic control truck designed from the perspective of the crews who operated it. Developed for harsh environments, work surfaces were reconfigured by function, hard edges …

Music Concept

M3 undertook an internal design exploration to challenge the music industry to restore music as an artform in the digital realm. The goal was to create a new concept that provided music fans a more immersive listening experience, as well …

Differentiate Yourself

Adam Lerner, explains the strategic and tactical ways creative service firms can differentiate their brands in a cluttered and chaotic ecosystem of information.  This article originally appeared on the leading industrial design Web site, Core77. download the pdf >

M3 at SXSW

Senior Studio Director, Gray McCord, discussed the cultural implications of gadgets decreasing in size while increasing in functionality at the SXSW Interactive panel.  McCord highlighted that smaller is not always better and introduced a concept for returning music to a …

Shrinking the CoVi MiniDome

M3 Design collaborated with CoVi Technologies to adapt their unmatched high-definition surveillance technology into a visually discreet 4” surveillance dome. Innovative engineering was integral in order to maintain full camera functionality within the compact form-factor. download the pdf >

M3 at CES

M3 Design descended on Las Vegas to support the unveiling of client projects and explore what’s coming next in the world of consumer electronics.  The Austin American-Statesman covered M3’s walkthrough. download the pdf >

Austin American Statesman article

The Austin American-Statesman featured M3 Design on the cover of its Technology section discussing the history, current business and future growth of the firm. download the pdf >