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Making Technology Invisible

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The Story

Making technology invisible within the environment in which it lives.

Formica Group approached M3 with their innovative laminate technology that integrates charging coils that can wirelessly charge Qi Certified devices when placed on top of the surface. Unlike wireless charging pucks or pads that clutter the surface and can be easily damaged with food or water, the Intentek™ System is fully integrated into the durable, easy-to-clean surfaces. The Intentek™ technology is available in the full range of more than 300 Formica® laminate colors, patterns and woodgrains. M3 helped Formica Group solve their mechanical packaging challenges. Tight spaces, thermal loads, and challenging design for manufacturing constraints were solved to create production ready parts.

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A solution for endless environments

With the Intentek™ Wireless Charging Surface, designers can now help their clients offer visitors a simple, cord-free charging experience on horizontal surfaces designed to beautifully match any space from an airport lounge to a restaurant.

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Large 2’ x 2’ charging zone

Working through our stakeholder centered design process, the team identified important product requirements essential to the product’s success.


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From concept to reality

Our design is built to provide active cooling at a low noise level to ensure the longevity of the electronics. This is all done in a cost-effective enclosure that is designed to be easy to assemble. Working side by side with the Formica Group and their manufacturing partners, M3 created a design that takes into account the low-tolerance manufacturing environment of commercial countertops. M3 proposed assembly fixtures to use within the existing manufacturing environment to solve these tolerance issues.

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Fast charge times that rival cord charging

The result being a user experience that is unrivaled. A seamless and quick charging technology that can be adapted to endless environments.

"The M3 team has been a vital part of our development project. Their expertise with engineering and attention to design helped to make our launch of Formica’s Intentek™ - wireless charging surface a huge success." Jeff Taylor Global VP, General Manager R&D, Innovation at Formica
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