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To Develop Truly Innovative Products, Transform Your Culture in 3 Key Areas

It’s hard for established companies to stay innovative. Learn what aspects of your product development culture you can address to protect your market share.

John Bernero

February 10 th 2023 | 1 minute read

Some of the best product ideas never make it to market. That’s because even in many well-established companies, old habits, organizational silos, and a fear of failure stand in the way of true innovation.

That’s good news for fast-moving startups who aren’t beholden to the biases, egos, and risk aversion that hold larger teams back. But if you’re an R+D leader who’s feeling the pressure to innovate in a slow-moving organization, you need to figure out how to break free from the status quo. It’s the only way to protect your market share and keep your company at the forefront of your industry.

Through countless engagements, we’ve seen three key issues that need to be addressed before you can see the success your company needs. Here’s what it takes to bring truly innovative products to market.

  • The right mindset
  • A safe environment
  • A well-structured process

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John Bernero – M3 COO / Director of Engineering