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Hospital Credentialing for Product Development: Unlocking MedTech User Insights

Discover why hospital credentialing is crucial for MedTech companies conducting user research, usability testing & real-world validations. Our experts share insights on navigating credentialing to drive user-centric medical device design.

Eric Diehl

June 24 th 2024 | 7 min read

For MedTech companies, hospital credentialing is a critical gateway to developing truly user-centric products. In this comprehensive video, Senior Mechanical Engineer Eric Diehl and Senior Industrial Designer Sam Moon draw from their extensive experience navigating the intricate credentialing landscape, providing invaluable insights into why it’s a make-or-break factor for successful product development.

Gain a deep understanding of how credentialing grants you access to real-world healthcare environments, allowing you to conduct user research, usability testing, and clinical validations with frontline medical professionals. We’ll explore best practices for demonstrating regulatory compliance, clinical safety, and the efficacy of your medical technologies – all essential for building trust with healthcare institutions and streamlining your credentialing journey.

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eric and sam