Our rigorous teardown process carefully catalogs a purposeful product deconstruction. This method of obtaining indirect development experience is an important tool we use to deliver unique solutions for our clients.

Teardowns Diagram

Braun Silk-epil Epilator

What product can elicit unheeded fear and unyielding curiosity from a group of engineers?
An epilator, of course. If you’ve ever had the chance to stare one directly in the face, you’ll know why it causes such reactions. For the blissfully ignorant: an epilator is a device that automates the action of tweezers by grabbing hairs and yanking them out. However comparing tweezers to an epilator is like comparing a coping saw to a chainsaw.

Espresso Machine

Here at M3, we take our coffee seriously. It is absolutely critical that nothing interrupt the constant flow of java to our designers and engineers. So it was somewhat surprising when our highest-volume consumers of coffee, the Teardown Team, decided to investigate our espresso machine. It wasn’t even broken!

Electric Power Steering Unit

Sometimes bad things happen to good cars. In this case, an electric power steering system caught fire and died while the car was in motion. But there’s a positive side to this, since thankfully no one was injured

Blood Glucose Meters

For this Blood Glucose Meter Product Teardown, M3 approached the challenge a bit differently. Since we are keenly interested in both how products operate as well as how people operate them, we performed both a Heuristic Analysis and a Teardown on the same devices.

Touchless Soap Dispenser

The ubiquitous touchless soap dispenser was selected for this teardown to better understand how it detects a hand, how the mechanism functions, and why it is so important to have the soap and tag colors match.

Hand Mixer

The Hand Mixer is relatively commonplace; easy to overlook as a standard part of most kitchens. A good one can last for years, and we’ve come to rely on them to do all of our egg whipping, dough kneading, and batter mixing.

LED Faucet Light

  The LED Faucet Light was chosen for our teardown because of its mysterious inner workings. The item attaches to any standard faucet and illuminates when the faucet is turned on. Additionally, the light color changes depending on the temperature …

Diskus Asthma Inhaler

The M3 Teardown Team wonders how a sophisticated product like the Diskus Asthma Inhaler is designed to be produced in such high volume and such low cost? Read on…

Digital Kitchen Scale

The M3 Teardown team wonders how this inexpensive digital kitchen scale achieves such good resolution. Read on…

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

It slices, it dices, it chops, and it blends! In fact, there are few cooking preparation tasks a food processor can’t handle these days. They’ve evolved to meet a growing demand for versatility in the kitchen and, by simply changing the blades and pressing a button, one can go from julienning carrots to kneading dough to pureeing peanuts in a matter of minutes.