Braun Silk-epil Epilator Teardown


What product can elicit unheeded fear and unyielding curiosity from a group of engineers?

An epilator, of course. If you’ve ever had the chance to stare one directly in the face, you’ll know why it causes such reactions. Beyond that innocuous white exterior lies a churning myriad of dancing pinchers, blades, and gears. For the blissfully ignorant: an epilator is a device that automates the action of tweezers by grabbing hairs and yanking them out. However comparing tweezers to an epilator is like comparing a coping saw to a chainsaw.

It’s the kind of product that we love. It’s beaming with industrial design and it’s filled with mechanical mysteries. All of that and it’s manufactured and sold at a marketable price. Put your learning caps on, ladies and gentlemen. It time for a lesson in design efficiency.

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