Intuitive Surgical – DaVinci Manipulator Teardown

DaVinci Fenestrated Bipolar Forceps manipulator

Over the years many surgical procedures have moved toward the “minimally invasive” end of the spectrum. Improvements in imaging, computation, and mechanism miniaturization have enabled this shift. A leap in surgical innovation has been the da Vinci surgical robot—and its suite of end effectors—by Intuitive Surgical.

Although the manipulator is only one piece of the overall da Vinci surgical system, the mechanisms inside are of great interest to M3, as they replicate and miniaturize human hand movements.

The manipulator for this teardown was a “Fenestrated Bipolar Forceps” which means there is a window to see through and they can cauterize tissue. Let’s do a little surgery on this device and see what’s inside!

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