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Healthcare Product Teardown: 3 Leading Blood Glucose Meters

Reverse engineering shows how products are made. Teardowns tell you why. Explore these 3 product teardowns to inform your next product development process.

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April 12 th 2022 | 1 minute read

The inspiration for your next game-changing product just might be found in a design already on the market. But tearing down a product isn’t the same as reverse-engineering.  

Reverse-engineering is intended to answer how a product is made so that the developer can replicate — or, let’s face it, rip off — someone else’s success.  

By contrast, engaging in a product teardown is about understanding why certain design choices were made and analyzing the effectiveness of each one. 

Taking an item apart allows you to: 

  • Explore why the designer chose certain features, construction techniques, and design approaches 
  • Compare and contrast features within competitor products 
  • Study unique mechanisms and design choices 
  • Expand your knowledge and your overall engineering horizons 
  • Solve major business challenges 
  • Find inspiration in unexpected places 

To show you what we mean, we’ve taken apart three blood glucose monitors to demonstrate how to make a product teardown informative and worthwhile. 

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