Emerson CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer

With over 25 years of experience delivering superior vibration analysis solutions to their customers, Emerson decided they needed a game-changing portable device that would dramatically raise the already high bar set by their industry-standard CSI 2130. Emerson started the process by taking advantage of the latest technologies to create a device that would be clearly more powerful, more flexible, and much faster than the CSI 2130. They also recognized that they needed something more, and decided very early on to engage M3 Design to help them add a superb user experience to the advanced technologies they were designing into the product. The result is the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer. Careful attention was paid to the entire product usage lifecycle using Human Centered Design techniques to create an intuitive and effective CSI 2140 user experience.

Congratulations to the Emerson Process Management team on their announcement of what is sure to be another award winning, industry leading solution for their customers!


About M3 Design
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