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Upcoming Webinar: Stakeholder Centered Design—Innovation Beyond Your Primary User

Product design focuses too heavily on the primary user. Discover how other stakeholders impact your product's ultimate success to unlock innovation.

Gray McCord

January 29 th 2020 | 1 minute read

​User centered design is a thing of the past.

It’s not that we’re anti-user. User centered design is critical to the success of most—if not all—products. As product designers we obsess over user experience every day.

But the primary user is a single link of a chain, and if any single link fails, so will your product. The reality is that many stakeholders contribute to your product’s ultimate success and many are overlooked. You need to know who those stakeholders are and what they expect from your product.

You need stakeholder-centered design to deliver your next innovative product.

Join us in this upcoming webinar, and we promise to challenge your perceptions about user centered design. We will guide you through a simple 5-step Stakeholder Centered Design process that you can use to:

  • Identify unmet stakeholder needs
  • Map out every step of the product journey
  • Identify opportunities for innovation


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Gray McCord – M3 CTO