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Product Innovation + Speed to Market: Navigating NPD toughest challenges

M3 COO John Bernero explains how to deliver breakthrough innovation without sacrificing speed to market.

John Bernero

November 11 th 2019 | 1 minute read

You could be designing the next big thing. But to pull it off, you first need to overcome a classic product-development hurdle: marrying breakthrough innovation with speed to market.

Great product development teams have to choose one and give up the other, right? Not at all.

Here’s your struggle: you know identifying innovation solutions doesn’t happen overnight, but it can’t take years either. You also need an efficient, yet repeatable, approach to identify innovation solutions that generate revenue for your company. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In our new eBook, you will learn how to be fast and innovative along with tips to set your next product development challenge up for success. This includes how to:

  • Assess your product’s innovation potential
  • Use a stakeholder-centered design process to uncover and prioritize unmet user needs
  • Use simple prototyping methods early in the project to quickly evaluate solutions with end-users to asses which ones are innovative and have revenue potential.


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About the Author

John Bernero – M3 COO / Director of Engineering