Digital Process Control Case Study

What does it do?

DeltaV S-Series delivers cutting edge technology to conservative process automation markets while integrating Human Centered Design principles.

Awards & Patents

  • Red Dot Award Winner, 2010
  • iF Product Design Award, 2010
  • STRATEGY: M3 Design used a broad range of research tools that revealed opportunities and identified unmet needs and desires of stakeholders across the entire DeltaV product journey. These findings informed the strategy that helped develop an entirely new approach to making process control more effective and intuitive.

    CONCEPT: Through a rigorous ideation process, the M3 team transformed research findings into compelling and innovative solutions. Together they addressed user needs, market needs and integrated new technology into a design language that strengthened brand recognition, while improving aesthetics and usability.

    DEVELOPMENT: M3’s engineers successfully integrated the envisioned concepts into feasible solutions. We closely dealt with rapid prototypers, tool makers, and mold vendors to maintain the integrity of the design intent all the way to the product launch. To this day, M3 continues to support DeltaV products and future developments.