Branded Packaging

The Story

Brand representation from the factory floor to the field

After witnessing the impact of their Automation Solutions hardware design language, Emerson realized the need to extend this concept into product packaging. Under the “One Emerson” initiative, a variety of product sizes and brands were consolidated. This integration created the opportunity to establish a packaging strategy across the entire product portfolio. The goal was to present a consistent face to their end customer, while optimizing all packages for shipping and logistics. Following the completion of the hardware design language, Emerson re-engaged with M3 to create packaging consistency and reinforce the brand promise of being “easy to do business with.”

forklift moving packaging in a factory
emerson branded packaging examples
The Details

Order Through Hierarchy

3 main stakeholders were identified during research: handlers, shippers, and customers. Based on stakeholder needs, relevant information was strategically placed across the faces of the package within a bar graphic. Product information is visible while the package is on the shelf, helping handlers easily identify product. The longest face of the package features branding elements, creating a billboard for the Emerson brand. The top surface is reserved for shipping labels, optimizing packages for automated scanning.

emerson ovation package
emerson fisher package
emerson micro motion package
emerson rosemount package
emerson deltav package

More Than Just a Box

Emerson is a B2B solutions provider. Unlike consumer products, they don’t rely on packaging on the shelf as a sales tool. This means that cost and feasibility must remain the focus without sacrificing visual impact and usability.

prior emerson packaging

Understand the Problem

With multiple manufacturing locations and brands to consider, understanding each of their capabilities and constraints was critical to success.

branded packaging concept sketch

Structured Flexibility

Numerous concepts were created that satisfied the need to be low-cost, highly repeatable, flexible, and visually striking.

packaging guidelines

Building Guidelines

A detailed document was created which clearly defines the application of graphics, label placement, and how to handle unique packaging types.

emerson rosemount product being shipped

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