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ICON and M3 Design Win ‘Best of Best’ for Product Design Collaboration on Vulcan Printer

ICON’s Vulcan 3D printer for homes, designed in collaboration with M3 Design, wins the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ award in the Product Design category.

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April 12 th 2021 | 5 minute read

ICON’s Vulcan construction system and 3D printer for homes, designed in collaboration with product development firm M3 Design, has won the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ award in the Product Design category. The Vulcan printer is the first digitally native approach to building construction, creating homes that are stronger and longer-lasting than traditional building materials, and constructed at increased speeds and with less waste. With usability and compassion at the forefront of its innovative design, the Vulcan construction system won over the 50-member Red Dot jury of independent design experts from all over the world.

ICON Construction 3D printer with REd Dot award

ICON brought M3 on board to help develop a fully resolved design reflective of the technical sophistication the printer is capable of that also acknowledged the company’s larger purpose. The Vulcan was intentionally designed to represent a perfect marriage of human and high-tech.

“When we’re looking at potential clients, our priority is finding folks who have the courage and tenacity to transform their industry in an unexpected and innovative way. And ICON sets the standard,” said M3 Design Director of Industrial Design Nathan Careless. “The M3 team is honored to have our collaboration with ICON be recognized for successfully re-imagining the way the world thinks about construction equipment with such a prestigious design award.”

Where most construction equipment is aggressive and intimidating, the physical form of the Vulcan printer took a different approach. M3 helped ICON create a new standard in construction design – a machine that inspires curiosity rather than apprehension. The final direction was chosen for its iconic silhouette and simple geometry that mixes hard edges and rolling surfaces. Lighting effects were added for functionality on the worksite and as a way to highlight the ICON brand. To tidy the exterior and ensure protection from the elements, all wiring and material hoses were routed internally up to the print head.

“During a very pivotal time for ICON, M3 was an indispensable design and engineering partner on the Vulcan construction system, said Jason Ballard, co-founder and CEO of ICON. “The Vulcan then went out into the world successfully creating dignified, resilient 3D-printed homes and delivering on its promise.”

Since its creation, ICON’s Vulcan construction system has 3D printed a series of seven homes for individuals experiencing homelessness and the first mainstream housing development of 3D-printed homes for sale. To date, ICON has 3D printed two dozen homes and structures with its various Vulcan construction systems across Mexico and the U.S.

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