Aries® System Case Study

What does this do?

The Luminex ARIES® System is a fully integrated sample to answer molecular diagnostic platform that detects nucleic acid in biological samples.

STRATEGY: M3 performed several contextual research visits to fully understand the environment’s design constraints and targeted users. Market research was performed to evaluate different competitors, and a set of visual attributes was developed that would distinguish the ARIES® concept from other devices while strengthening the presence of the Luminex brand.

CONCEPT: Leveraging the research findings, M3 proposed a radical architecture that organized the system vertically to minimize benchtop footprint. This also allowed for easy access to internal components during maintenance, and laid the groundwork for establishing the look and feel of key user touchpoints.

DEVELOPMENT: With design and engineering working in concert, M3 delivered a full set of production ready part designs within 3 months, including a custom hinge that allowed the complex front panel to open for maintenance and a striking graphic perforation pattern for thermal management.