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#NoFilter Insights from CES 2018

CES is a whirlwind. With nearly 4000 exhibits spread throughout Las Vegas, it is humanly impossible to visit and dedicate time to each and every booth. Fortunately, we found the most interesting bits. M3 team members Heather Benoit and Christy Sepulveda break it down for you…

SXSW in our Backyard

Our hometown is the kind of place that everyone seems to love. But for us innovation and technology junkies, Austin is particularly wonderful. Full of youth, brains, local love, and breakthrough ideas, it’s the kind of place that seems to buzz with constant energy and excitement.

Especially this time of year.

Get Smart!

If you’ve been paying any kind of attention to the news over the past few months, you will almost certainly have heard about Nest, a new kind of thermostat from former Apple veteran Tony Fadell and his team.

Innovate Like a Startup

In my 15-year career working as a researcher, designer, and strategist, my focus has been on helping business leaders break new ground. I have worked with the full spectrum of technology-based companies, ranging from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, and while I have been part of some true breakthroughs, I have also witnessed my fair share of failed innovation.

5 Product Development Mistakes

The odds of a major league baseball game ending with a "walk-off" are about 1 in 11. So why is it that most development schedules expect a game ending home run to succeed?

Mind the Gap

Gaps of understanding between companies and potential customers provide rich opportunities for discovery that can provide the basis for competitive advantage.

Throw Out Your PRD!

Crafting product development strategies that result in truly innovative products requires a non-traditional approach. Rather than simply generating a list of features and requirements, a more creative and iterative design process—one optimized for identifying real human needs and addressing them with meaningful experiences—is a critical foundation for the invention of meaningful products.

Designing Inside/Out

As a designer I walk a fine line. On the one hand, I must listen to and positively respond to clients’ demands for the allegorical “Precious.” But on the other hand, I long to create meaningful products with which the …

Eco-Design Story

Bling is King and Eco-Style everything at BP’s new emissions-free gas station. Azure magazine, fine purveyors of all things related to Design, Architecture and Art feature M3’s work in their August 2007 issue. view the pdf >

Sustainability Concept

M3 Design’s entry in an International Design competition sponsored by Muji. To answer their challenge to reinvent an everyday, the M3 Design team: Reversed the relationship of a compact florescent light bulb to its packaging Reversed the consumers interaction with …