Articles by John Bernero

Mock-ups: Speeding up Development with Crude Prototypes

All too often, I see companies wait to vet a new concept or product idea with end users until they have a production-looking prototype. If you’re doing this, I have a question: why?Maybe it is because you are trying to impress your boss.Or maybe you’ve trained your customers to only evaluate production-looking prototypes.Whatever the reason, stop.You’re risking valuable time and money. Plus, you’re hindering your ability to get brutally honest feedback on your concept or product idea when you need it most. Enter the Mockup

5 Product Development Lessons from Smoking BBQ

I’ve cooked some terrible food in my day. But I’ve also made some pretty damn good food (as far as I’m concerned). And recently, while enjoying one such meal, I got thinking about the many things that cooking and product development have in common.

Ethnographic Research Tips for B2B Markets

There are many “best practices” articles on the topic of contextual user research; however very few speak to the common mistakes made by well-meaning researchers. Worse, this lack of pitfall information enables those researchers to justify their actions when best practices are not followed!

Recipe for Success

When choosing between product directions, should you choose the simplest, the cheapest, the most reliable, or the one the CEO likes the best? If you picked any of these you might as well have chosen blindfolded.

The Expert User Trap

Prior to the development of a product, engineers and marketers prioritize the input they receive from experts and often apply them literally in the development of new products. Typically, a few very important users are selected and their perspectives are prioritized over a wider group of stakeholders that should influence the design of the product.