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Empire Electronic Gaming Platform

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The Story

Providing Great Variety, Flexibility, and Ecstasy on the Casino Floor.

Everi is a leading manufacturer and game developer of electronic gaming machines in both Native American and commercial casinos. Everi and  M3 collaborated on the design and development of a new line of products to enable simple customization, casino floor flexibility, and enhanced player experiences. With a focus on all of the critical stakeholders, M3 worked with Everi to create an award winning platform that enables portfolio diversity, simple modularity, and faster time-to-market. This platform concept is captured in a modern, simple, and innovative new brand DNA for Everi that enables the Empire product family to deliver a strong visual presence on the casino floor.

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The Research

Uncovering the Unmet Needs

Numerous research trips were conducted to identify the key unmet stakeholder needs the Empire product line had to address in order to be successful.

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The Blueprint

Stakeholder Requirements

Beyond providing a great player experience, we discovered several key additional stakeholder needs. Casino operators were craving improved efficiencies on their casino floors, and wanted the ability to trial new and unique banking configurations. Everi required faster time-to-market when they create solutions for rapidly changing market needs. These insights lead to the birth of a platform design approach featuring a highly flexible trapezoidal cabinet footprint.

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empire flex

Empire Flex

The Family Platform

Empire Flex

Built on top of the space-efficient Empire MPX™ base, the Empire Flex™ video cabinet is another example of Everi's unrelenting commitment to innovation, featuring an eye-popping 4K 49-inch flexed display, industry-unique flexible integrated light bars that enhance the player’s experience, and a large enhanced glass button deck.

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The Family Platform

Empire Arena

Empire Arena™ enhances the already proven Empire 5527™ cabinet by expanding it to create a fully-featured banked product with multiple configurations that delivers increased placement flexibility . The dual-screen base games feature a 27-inch landscape mode lower LCD touch-screen and a 55-inch portrait mode non-touch upper screen with integrated content seamlessly flowing between the individual electronic gaming machines (EGM).

empire arena

Empire Arena

empire arena banked configuration

Seamless Banking

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empire mpx

Empire MPX

The Platform Family

Empire MPX

The single-screen Empire MPX™ features a 43-inch 1080p HD portrait display that creates a premium entertainment experience for casino guests in a space efficient package. With a smaller space requirement that allows for optimized bank configurations, the Empire MPX™ enables the casino operator to save up to 25 percent of the floor space required by traditional configurations.

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The Platform Family

Empire DCX

The Empire DCX™ premium video cabinet features dual-curved 43-inch 4K monitors with integrated edge lighting for an immersive player experience, enhanced game controlled lighting, and premium 4.1 surround sound. The platform utilizes the Empire MPX™ base for optimal pod banking capabilities.

empire dcx

Empire DCX

Banking Configurations

Optimizing the casino floor with endless unique, yet compact banking layouts

The unique trapezoidal footprint design saves valuable floor space on the casino floor while allowing the casino operator to create innovative banking configurations. The cabinets nest tightly in multiple ways to generate compelling and immersive experiences.

empire banking configurations

Collaborating to ensure business success

Everi's involvement was critical to defining the end result. Working with stakeholders with so much insight into the market was a great advantage.

concept artboard for everi empire

Design Conception

We worked closely with Everi key stakeholders to create and evaluate a variety of innovative solutions  with emphasis on tight nesting and flexible customization.

roadmapping the empire

Roadmapping Together

Understanding the Everi roadmap we were able to react quickly and efficiently to their product needs and offer solutions based on the Empire platform.

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Testing the Architectures

The flexibility demands of this modular system required that we constantly test different monitor configurations and product architectures to see which ones  resonated with stakeholders.

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