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To successfully innovate medical products, consider all stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle.

While safety and efficacy remain central to all healthcare products, it is not sufficient to deliver on these while ignoring the user’s experience. Business and consumer preferences alike are increasingly trending toward products with fulfilling emotional and social experiences provided by thoughtful usability.

To successfully innovate in this market, we believe it is critical to consider all the stakeholders that interact with your product or service. We don’t just observe surgeries and speak to the surgeon. We follow the product’s lifecycle from beginning to end – from installation and training at a surgical center, to cleaning and sterilization. We speak to stakeholders involved at each of these steps to understand their unique needs and challenges of each workflow step to inform your product’s optimal design.

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Medical and drug delivery companies have the unique challenge of satisfying their customers desire for a consumer-like product experience with new medical devices while meeting stringent regulatory constraints. M3 applies the skills and processes that make this possible

  • Laparoscopic Hand Pieces
  • Surgical Power Tools & Consoles
  • Cart Based Diagnostic Systems
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Equipment
  • Dental Products
  • Ultrasound Catheters
  • Fitness & Rehab VR Treadmill
  • Automated Pharmacy Dispenser
  • Fluid Delivery Systems
  • Glucose Sensors
  • Single-use Pre-filled Syringes
  • Life Sustaining Devices
  • Orthopedic Manual Instrumentation
  • Pet Wellness Monitors

The award winning Mill is a testament to the partnership between M3 Design and Stryker. Great people working together deliver great results

Mickey Noonan VP of R&D, Stryker Instruments

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