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Successful products and experiences in the Lifestyle space must be carefully designed to solve real problems and enhance everyday life.
To achieve consistent success, we believe you must first understand who you are designing for. Only then can you uncover what it will take to deliver valuable and delightful solutions that transform your customers into brand advocates.
Simply adding advanced technology and connectivity to your products can cause more problems than solutions if not applied strategically. Technology must enhance and simplify the overall experience, not add complexity and confusion.
From unboxing, to installing, to software updating, to maintaining and storing, M3 creates solutions that make every interaction a breeze.

Lifestyle Product Development Experience

Developing products and ecosystems that deliver great experiences.

  • Laptops, Tablets and Handheld Devices
  • Sporting Goods
  • Gaming Systems and Consoles
  • Pet Training Products
  • Acoustic Noise Monitors
  • Pet Wellness and Tracking Monitors
  • IoT Sensors
  • Home Power Monitoring Systems
  • Interactive AR Sports Simulators
  • Virtual Reality Exercise Equipment
  • Commercial Airline Seating Systems
  • Advanced Fuel Dispensing Systems

Having an open and direct communication exchanging both good and non-so-good feedback or comments freely with the M3 team is a key success factor of our very productive relationship!

Coleman Fung CEO / Co-Founder, Blue Goji

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