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The workplace is changing faster than ever, requiring people and technology to adapt to each other.

New technology can provide amazing improvements in productivity, improved margins, and faster time to market. But not if that technology doesn’t take into account the human beings it interacts with. For new technologies to succeed, they must have a symbiotic relationship with their users. Otherwise, that cool-tool can become just another waste of time, energy, and capital.

To succeed in this rapidly changing workplace environment, we believe you must consider all the stakeholders involved during your product’s lifecycle. We don’t just speak to the executives with a business challenge or the equipment operator. We follow the product’s journey from beginning to end – from installation and training, to servicing and retirement. For each of these stakeholders, we seek to understand their unique needs and challenges to create the best possible product experience for everyone involved.

Workplace Product
Development Experience

B-to-B companies have unique challenges due to a rapidly changing workplace combined with the most complex and demanding customers out there. M3 has the skills and processes to solve those challenges.

  • Industrial Process Control Systems
  • Industrial Handheld Systems
  • Aerospace Cabin Design
  • Automated Remote Pharmacy
  • OLED Deposition Printer
  • Holographic Printing Systems
  • 3D Concrete Printing
  • IoT Devices
  • Telecom Servers
  • Communication Servers
  • Compute and Storage Servers
  • Rack-mount Systems
  • Desktop and Portable Computing
  • Satellite Communication System
  • A/V Conferencing Systems
  • Custom Test Equipment
  • Custom Manufacturing Equipment
  • Custom Laboratory Equipment
  • Design Language Development
  • Proof-Of-Concept Design / Build

M3 has been a vital partner in the development rackmount hardware design, their attention to detail, design concepts, and thermal solutions have been paramount to our success.

Kevin Moden Senior Manager, Hardware Development at Ixia

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