PowerEdge VRTX Server

Most businesses would like to focus more on growing and managing their organization and less on managing computing resources. Dell received feedback from thousands of customers who asked them to provide a solution with office level acoustics, robust physical security, and the capability to run on existing office power. With this in mind, Dell tasked M3 with supporting their effort to design a breakthrough modular server optimized for small, remote, or branch offices. The goal was to deliver a best in class experience to their Enterprise customers, while creating a platform for future growth. To meet these requirements, M3 assisted Dell with the design of the Poweredge VRTX: the first simple, comprehensive data solution that fits conveniently under a desk or neatly into a rack by compressing 4 servers, up to 48 TB of storage, and a network switch in just 5U of rack space. By leveraging existing Dell server technology blocks, VRTX allows users to grow at their own pace. Offices can begin with 2 servers and add a third and fourth server later before transitioning into a full rack system. A typical VRTX configuration is also quieter than the common background noise in an office. By considering each user touch-point in the overall design of the system experience, M3 and Dell were able to realize the unique and flexible physical solution their customers demanded. VRTX dramatically reduces the cost and manpower required to manage remote installations. The VRTX system design is so intuitive that deployment and upgrades can be performed by untrained IT staff with minimal user disruption. The flexibility and modularity of the system also afford the VRTX a much longer life than the competition, which supports Dell’s Green IT initiative.